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It has now been 10 years of making reborn dolls.  I love this art now more than ever.  I have been studying and building my skills so much in the last year.  I love the challenge of making clothing for my special creations now.  This art form has come a long way in 10 years and I just love being a part of the growth.  

I was featured in a film called "Reborning" which was on the short film circuit for two years and recently was on a local PBS station and is now on youtube.  This was such a privilege.

Almost 2016, just a few more days. This has been an exciting year for me and my reborning.  I got to go to Denver and meet many other artists and spend a week playing.  Then in October the film, Reborning, was shown on our local PBS station and I was invited and attended the premier party.  So much fun.  I have branched out a bit and am now making my own custom outfits for my dolls and doing some fantasy work with fairy babies and clowns...just so much fun.  Still learning and growing in the art.

Reborning Film March 2012

This has been an exciting month for me.  There are many good things happening.  Tonight I was able to attend a film at Stanford University about reborning.  I was the featured artist in the film.  I had so much fun.  I took two dolls with me and people enjoyed holding them and asked so many questions.  I think I got the point across that this is an art form and so enjoyable.  This coming August I will be helping a friend teach a class in Northern California.  It will be a good experience for me as I have only taught one on one so far.  I think I would love to do classes in the future and there is a need for it in my area.

News Article May 2011

It was so exciting to work on my latest baby Walter by Laura Tuzzio Ross.  He is an adorable sculpt and the fact that I was able to present him to the general public through the article in the San Franciso Chronicle was a priviledge.  My hope is that I was able somehow to encourage other artists in this medium by example. 

May 2011 5 Years

Wow I have been working in this art form for 5 years now...seems like yesterday that I began this journey.  What an exciting adventure this is.  I have been learning so much in the past year and my level of artistry is beginning to come to a place where I am almost where I need to be for now...of course there will be new goals in the upcoming year.  Next month I travel to Nevada to take a week long class in sculpting.  My dream is to sculpt my own baby...what a kick...I turned 65 this year and life is such an adventure....

November 2010

 Still learning and growing, loving this more each day.

June 2010

 I am in my 5th year of reborning, still learning and growing as I work.  I love this artform and hope to continue to grow as an artist with every baby I create.



  January 2009


I am now entering my 3rd year of reborning.  I am so excited about the things I have learned to increase my skills.  I want to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me to grow in the craft this past year.

Added March 2009

I have just been granted the PRA*ISE Award.

WOW, I can hardly believe that I am soon going to be entering into my 4th year of this wonderful art form.  I love it more every day. 

Ending 2009

Year four will be here soon.  What a wonderful adventure.  I hope those who have received my special little ones are still loving them....I am still working at perfecting the craft.

2007 A new adventure


I became involved in reborning over a year ago when looking for a doll on Ebay...I loved the idea and being an artist decided to try making my own baby . So I did and the rest is history...I fell in love with my first baby and have been spending many hours since that day perfecting my craft. I love babies and this was a natural way for me to express that love. I am a Christian who believes that creating is a God given talent and each baby that I create I consider an extension of my creative gifting. I love meeting new people and reborning has brought me many new friends not only customers....I consider each baby adopted and hope that all of my clients are rewarded everytime they hold one of the babies I make for them.

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