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Learning As I Go

Posted by joyfulsister on November 1, 2010 at 12:03 AM Comments comments (0)

I didn't realize when I began this journey it would be a continuous learning project.  I though ok...this is fun...I can do this...maybe even become good at it.  Little did I know how addicting the process would become and how much I would strive for continued growth.  Today I worked on a baby,frustrated because I just could not get the paint to do what I wanted it to .....I have those days when I just want to toss the paintbrush across the room...and then I finally figure it out...and what a wonderful feeling. 

Some days are like today and others are so easy, just put the paint on the vinyl and it moves and flows in just the right way, the tone is lovely and I am happy. Then I try something new, like today and my frustration level is off the chart.  I was attempting to get Asian skin tone on a baby that I keep looking at and seeing as Korean.  The features and the shape of the head reminded me of a Korean woman I used to work with....So...I pursued and worked and layered and layered and then blushed and oh no the blush was running in every direction and was too dark for the foundation and too pink...grrr.  I managed to stiple down the color and layer up more of a red tone to the blush but I am still not happy. 

Tomorrow I will get back to him...and hopefully on ward and up ward until he is done to my liking....but darn I really hate days like today....but I did learn something...some vinyl is just difficult and when you are used to using certain colors and the vinyl base color is off and won't neutralize to a tone you want , sometimes you just have to go with the flow and do the best you can...progress not least not today.

Reborning as a Stress Reliever

Posted by joyfulsister on August 4, 2009 at 7:07 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow when I am sitting at my desk, totally immersed in my creative process, what a relief to find that time has passed, I have accomplised something that will last and I am relaxed and happy. 


I love what I do, I just can't help it....I love trying new techniques, styles and forging on to new ground.  I am working on a baby a week average right now.  Trying to push myself to be better, as I work.  My newest baby, Tanner from Bountiful Baby is coming along nicely...I am learning to be patient while rooting with a 43 forked German needle...Oh my...hours  and hours but I love the results.  I have mastered dyeing my own mohair and am very pleased with the color I get...This little guy is getting some really fine and beautiful hair, thinly rooted and I am in love with yet another baby.


I know that those who purchase a baby from me are pleased with my efforts, but I want them to see how much love and time I put into each little one, I create.  So have slowed down and am just learning to enjoy the process.  Hopefully it will pay off in the final result. 


It really is not about the money, I get from is the recognition of my effort that makes me happy.  I have been asked why I don't charge more for the babies....well not everyone can afford to buy expensive babies so I vary my prices to accomodate those who want one and don't have a lot of money to spend.  I want to make others happy, that is my goal.....As long as I can continue to pay for the supplies and have a little extra now and again , I am happy.....

Why I do what I do...

Posted by joyfulsister on June 4, 2008 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Why I  do what I do...

Sometimes I wonder why I decided to retire and get myself involved in this new venture...seems I have always wanted to use my creative ability to make others happy.  In reborning I have found that I can bring joy into the lives of others, and I can enjoy creating beautiful babies that are an expression of my inner self.

For so many years I worked just to make a living and did not enjoy it at all.  Most of the time I had to do things that were against my beliefs and better judgement.  I found that I could use my creativity in my jobs but seldom did it bring me pleasure or was it recognized as the God given ability that I knew I had.  So when I discovered reborning it gave me a whole new way to express my creativity and to earn a little extra money to help pay for my new found hobby.

I don't take credit for this ability but give all the credit to God who has blessed me immeasurably.  So why do I do what I honor God, by using the gift he has given me.  I thank Him each day for allowing me to serve Him.  Through reborning I have met some wonderful people who have really helped me to get better at my craft.  A lot are believers and share common thoughts, but even those who don't claim to be are wonderful friends and I have learned much from them.

I am so blessed to belong to a community of people who love being creative and are willing to share with me their secrets..We help one another.

Why I do what I do...because I love it.....



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