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Joyce King  wrote:

I'm a VERY satisfied client of Jean Campbell, and if you are considering having her reborn you a doll, I would like to share with you the following:
I have purchased two reborn babies from Jean Campbell and they are both EXCELLENT.  I would buy from her again and again, and would recommend her 100%.  She puts so much love and care into her reborns, even to the smallest details.  When you hold them in your arms, its breathtaking how real they look and feel.  They are not just a doll, they ARE a baby.  Jean did a special order for me, and in the process, she not only reborn the most precious baby for me, but she became my friend too.  Its not just a job to her, she loves reborning.  You tell her what you want and she surpasses your expectations.  She checks with you on details like hair color, eye color etc., and lets you decide how you want your baby to look, and always keeps you updated on the process.  She's very helpful and puts up with you, even when you say, "I'm not sure how I want that".  You never feel like your requests are unimportant or ignored and she makes suggestions when you ask her to.  She answers all your e-mails quickly, and makes you feel like you and your request are her top priority.  Likewise, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to ask her to 'make me a doll' and have no further contact with her until it was finished.  I don't doubt for a second that it would be exquisite!!  Each doll she makes is an individual creation.
Thank you, Jean. 
Joyce King
Maria Lucia wrote:
Hi Jean,
Baby William arrived today, I'm so far, here in Brazil, but my husband showed him to me throught the webcam, he arrived home with the box and then opened and we could then cherish this moment "together", so to say. It brought tears to my eyes, he's SO CUTE!!!! ADORABLE! What a CUTIE!!! We're in love with him, and the clothes, the bear, and even comb and brush and a blanket, wow!!!!! You're so kind and generous, and a GREAT ARTIST too!! I wish I can make dolls that look so beautiful someday, I'm just a beginner, just finished my first doll after the reborn class, it's a Zoe mold. Of course I still have a lot to learn. And I keep adopting babies from great artists!
There goes a picture my husband took of him as soon as he arrived. He just bought this new camera and is still learning to deal with it, he just didn't dare touch the hair (you know how men are usually clumsy with theses things. LOL) and said that little William is looking a little like Ryan Seacrest from American Idol. LOL. Cute anyway!!!! LOL.
Thank you so much, I'll leave your feedback now.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Ann Redmon wrote:
     I just got "Serra" and was so pleasantly surprised! Your work is awesome. She is just so precious. I adore her:) Thank you so much for the opportunity of having her for my own. She will be greatly appreciated and truly loved. I definitely will be leaving positive feedback and hopefully will bring home another of your precious little ones soon.
Many thanks,
Ann Redmon
Judy wrote
Hi Jean, Just a note to let you know that Jeannie Marie went to work with me today, (I work at a rest home) she was a hit. Everyone had to hold her and they were oh so careful with her. Elderly people love babies and little children, they just couldn't get over how real she looked. They all loved her so, she brought smiles to many that hadn't smiled in a long time. I can not begin to tell you how wonderful it was to watch them hold her and talk to her, even the men wanted to hold her. She is planning on going to work with me  once a week she brings them so much joy and they look so forward to her coming to see them again. She is truly our little MIRACLE Jeannie Marie. 




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